May 10, 2012
Unpaid Internships: Bad for Students, Bad for Workers, Bad for Society

The economics of unpaid internships are obvious. Employers are desperate for cheap work, and “free” is pretty cheap. Workers are desperate for, well, anything, and students and recent grads are willing to negotiate their wages down to zero. But the ethics aren’t so clear-cut. If unpaid internships are the key to better jobs and bigger salaries, should we be concerned about the millions of lower-class students who can’t afford to work for free?

Yesterday, I asked you to tell me your experiences and opinions about unpaid internships. Hundreds of you responded.

See the first batch of answers.

What say you, Tumblr? Are unpaid internships unethical?

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  5. languidlimbo answered: well right now im in one and it is discouraging having all of this work with no pay. it’s hard to have incentive
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  7. teamanthro answered: In theory no but in practice yes. They are often used in place of entry-level workers re-enforcing a cycle of under-employment
  8. pegobry answered: No.
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  14. suchprettywords answered: I wrote my ugba 107 paper on this!
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    Well I’m ignorant as fuck. But hearing about people paying money to get their hands dirty for someone else’s thesis...
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    Putting this out there. Personal views withheld.
  19. pamelab answered: Yes…businesses are taking advantage of grads who have little job experience.
  20. whenimreallyathundacat answered: In a word, yes.
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    I just started a 1 year unpaid internship this week and I’m not sure how I’m going to manage 25+ hours a week of it and...
  22. philipgirvan answered: Upaid internship : indentured servitude
  23. samriedel answered: As an writer, I have enough problems with people undervaluing my skills as it is. I’d rather not compete with slave wages.
  24. quarter-lifeuncertainties answered: My student teaching cost $12k in tuition. With no $$ from family & limited to 10/hrs of work a week, I relied on loans that now drag me down.
  25. spiritsdesirespiritsattain said: that same luxury.
  26. spiritsdesirespiritsattain answered: Yes! I’m fortunate enough that money is not a huge problem for me so I am unable to work an unpaid internship. I know many who cannot afford
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    My students usually felt sorry for me and thought I was absolutely insane when they asked if I was getting paid to...
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