February 18, 2011
Boehner Threatens Government Shutdown

The House speaker, John A. Boehner of Ohio, said Thursday that Republicans would not agree to a short-term extension of the spending measure now financing the federal government without additional cuts, sharply raising the stakes in a war of wills with Democrats that officials say could lead to a government shutdown early next month.

The stopgap measure, which expires on March 4, has held spending generally to 2010 levels.

House Republicans are close to approving a spending bill for the balance of the fiscal year that includes the largest spending cuts in modern history — a swift, huge slash of more than $60 billion from domestic programs and foreign aid that they say would fulfill their campaign promise to shrink government outlays.

Read the rest at the New York Times

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    Thanks again, those of you who stayed home from your polling places on the last Election Day. This is YOUR fault. Now...
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    I read this, and I hear in my head, “You don’t want us to cut out programs we don’t like? Fine, we’ll close down...
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    Because this worked so well for the Republicans in the 90s? Obama tackles spending cuts that at least tangentially...
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    Mr. Bo(eh)ner clearly doesn’t understand the hard relationship between the US government budget and the federal deficit.
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    We totally called this.
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