November 27, 2012


The Making of a Radio Empire: A Fascinating Tour of NBC in the 1940s

Before television took over the airwaves, Rockefeller Center was home to the National Broadcasting Company during the golden age of radio. This promotional film from around 1948 chronicles the rise of the media company from a small collection of 20 affiliated stations, formed in 1926, to more than 170 stations two decades later. The 24-minute documentary, courtesy of the Prelinger Archive, introduces the network and goes behind the scenes at Rockefeller Center, peeking into the mail room, sound recording studios, and music library.

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    FJP: This is nice excuse to nerd out for 24 minutes and get your history on. We highly recommend exploring the archives...
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    For later, when I want to turn my 30-minute short film script into a whole novel about radio, vaudeville, and variety at...
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