May 12, 2011
What We've Learned So Far from Bin Laden's Journal

Bin Laden, the strategist The Associated Press reports that bin Laden was highly knowledgeable of U.S. counterterrorist efforts and “schooled his followers in working around them.” He also set the strategic agenda for Al Qaeda, encouraging militants to strike beyond New York, hitting small U.S. cities and Los Angeles and attacking trains as well as planes.

Bin Laden, the editor-in-chief  Bin Laden even took time to criticize Al Qaeda’s supposed English-language magazine, Inspire, which at one point “discussed using a tractor or farm vehice in an attack outfitted with blades or swords as a fearsome killing machine.” To bin Laden (and most thinking people, you’d assume) the ideas idiotic, reports ProPublica’s Sebastian Rotella. “Bin Laden said this is something he did not endorse. He seems taken aback. He complains that this tactical proposal promotes indiscriminate slaughter. He says he rejects this and it is not something that reflects what Al Qaeda does.”

Read more at The Atlantic Wire

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