May 13, 2011
Fukushima 'Full Meltdown' Made Official

TEPCO officials confirmed today the months-long of suspicion that the Reactor No. 1 at Fukushima suffered a full meltdown. According to the disclosure today, workers discovered earlier this week that No. 1’s containment vessel has been leaking water and today discovered a sizeable hole they believe was created by fallen fuel pellets. The water leakage not only indicates that the clean up efforts will take longer than originally expected but also that the worst case scenario was already underway when TEPCO said it had been avoided.

Read more at The Atlantic Wire

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    …only took them 2 years.
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    The PM is rarely in power here long enough to effect any changes. I honestly think that he and the political parties are...
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    It’s truly sad that it took two years for someone to admit it. Whoever takes over as PM should have a decent plan to...
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