August 4, 2011
What People Don’t Understand About My Job: Fashion Writer

tinytomato writes

I think many writers fancy themselves to be something wild, creative, passionate - at the very least intelligent, I suppose.  We are an opinionated lot, a bunch of wordy loudmouths with too much to share, not too much to gain.  Let me preface this by saying that I am very fortunate to even have a job, as when I graduated from college I remember thinking a degree in Art History would qualify me to be a snob at parties.  Not to mention that I’m a *writer*, an occupation that is rife with unemployment.  Yes, very lucky.

I am part writer, which is the supposedly creative field in which my brain batters off words that delight and applaud the senses, and part personal assistant, which to this day is basically a position created out of spite for humans (this I am sure of!).  What people don’t understand is that yes, the surroundings are lush! Yes, the people are fabulous! Thank God, YES, the room is air-conditioned! But the constant servitude, the irrelevant, asinine assignments on a whim, and multiple Starbucks visits “for the team” are coupled with snarky, derogatory comments about your aptitude as said human.  I work hours are well over the 24/7 mark, and in return have been told to “pretend that I’m a good writer.”  On paper, the idea of travelling to Paris, Milan, London – ahhh kill me, my 5 year old self just peed in her pants!!  Little does anyone know that you don’t even see the cities – you arrive and hide in various offices, showrooms, and apartments, waiting to be let go, listening to snotty jokes and catty remarks.  You don’t have weekends – there is a Facebook emergency.  You don’t meet friends for happy hour – there is a couture emergency. You have no life whatsoever, you are to only have the life that employs you – which for some, may be tops, but for me – it’s very hard to see the use in waxing poetic on the latest mascara. 

I see the importance of working in politics – it makes a difference.  I see CNN clips of dolphins being trained to work for the military – fascinating developments! I read about starvation in other countries and at home, and what can I do to help!!!  And then… my phone is ringing and I have to rewrite a paragraph on nail polish.  There’s a whole world out there… right?

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