August 4, 2011


The Thomas Beale Cipher, by Andrew S Allen

I love the look of this animated short (John Pavlus called it “tweed noir”), which was created with a combination of real textures and rotoscoping. I interviewed Andrew about the making of the short, and I like his point on working with designers rather than animators:

If you put talented people in new situations, they’ll often surprise you. They don’t know the rules, so they wind up breaking most of them and interesting things come out of it. I worked with a talented crew of designers to animate the film who knew nothing about animation, but they brought a unique perspective around the framing of shots and a level of detail and richness in the scenes that I never would have gotten to on my own. When you’re trying to tell a big story in a small space, a certain visual clarity is needed — that’s something you see often in advertising design — we’re just taking it to the film world.

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    So distracted by the art that I wanted to ignore everything else, which proved impossible as the story was too...
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    You had me at “tweed noir.”
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    This has to be one of the best short videos I’ve seen in ages!
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