August 17, 2011
What People Don’t Understand About My Job: The Server

Cristie writes:

I am a server at a chain restaurant. There are many things most people don’t understand about my job. I make 3 dollars and some change an hour. My paychecks end up being around $20 for two weeks, after taxes are taken out. I am one year away from graduating with my bachelors, and most of the people I work with are also in college. I have to “tip out” other employees. Three percent of my total sales goes to the bartender and the hosts. Even if a table doesn’t order an alcoholic drink, I still have to pay the bartender. So if you come in and don’t leave me a tip, I have to pay to serve you. If you use a coupon or a gift card, please tip according to the full amount of your bill. Kindness goes much farther than anger does. I didn’t cook your food, and I did everything within my power to ensure it came to your table correctly. However, people occasionally mess up. 

What people don’t see, is that every I’m running around in circles as fast as I can, trying to remember to bring a diet to table 23, extra barbecue sauce to 34, more napkins to 26, and the man at 35 is snapping his fingers at me to get my attention while the baby at 21 is screaming and I’m getting sat at table 33. While I’m sweating and trying to fake a smile for you, please don’t yell at me because a minimum wage employee cooked your steak to medium instead of medium well. We can easily fix that, and no, the cooks won’t mess with your food. Waiting is a fictional movie. 

Also, it won’t kill you to sit at a table instead of a booth. 

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  10. alt42 said: Agree with everything, but I will say what happens in Waiting is true at places. I’ve seen a cleaver thrown across the kitchen into a wall, cigarette butts in a burger, and a guy that used to get out of work by getting cutting himself really badly.
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    I once worked at the World’s Largest Applebee’s, and let me tell you that this girl Christie hits it dead-on....
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    This is why I always try to tip ~20% and get upset if I later realize I’d left even a little bit less than I’d intended...
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