September 1, 2011
I Thought I Could Avoid Unemployment

curiousaleta writes:

I am 24 years old and this is the first time in 8 years that I have been unemployed. When I was 16 I started working part time doing regular after-school babysitting and working at Target. During I worked multiple jobs throughout college in order to earn spending money, and in the summer I participated in various research experiences. When the stock market crashed everyone around me panicked, but I was lucky and was able to line up a prestigious research fellowship several months before graduation. However, in July my fellowship ended and I had not found I job. I am still looking for work and am worried that I will not be able to stay in my current place much longer and that being unemployed will make it hard for me to find a job.

I went to a top-ranked liberal arts college where I double-majored in political science and biology. I got good grades, have lots of demonstrated leadership and have a pretty strong resume. What did I do wrong?

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