January 2, 2013
Pixar’s Fake College Website Will Make You Want to Go There

Pixar’s Fake College Website Will Make You Want to Go There

August 28, 2012


The Semi-Subconscious Games We Play, Visualized

Little counting habits, imaginary friends, and destructive fantasies — they’re hard to describe but you’ll recognize them when you see them. These games, so basic they don’t even have names, come to life via animation in this charming video by Ian Bennett. It’s part of a travel series called Follow the Foot

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August 20, 2012

Can a Computer Tell Us What Makes Paris Look Like Paris? 

When the directors of Ratatouille set out to create the look and feel of Paris in computer-generated art, they faced the same question that faces any artist tasked with capturing any particular place: What is it — visually — that makes this place this place?

Read more. [Image: Pixar, Carnegie Mellon University]]

January 31, 2012

Bill Maher - Irritable Bowl Syndrome from Fraser Davidson on Vimeo.


Fraser Davidson, a London-based animator, created this video inspired by Bill Maher’s comparison of the economics of pro football and baseball. He brings a two-minute excerpt from the audio version of Maher’s book, The New New Rules, to life with a blend of 1950s-style sports imagery and Soviet-era graphics.

So, Bill Maher won’t be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday?

(Also, a warning: NSFW language.)

August 4, 2011

All About Polymorphics: A 1959 Introduction to Distributed Processing

This is a stop-motion animation about new ideas in mainframe computing, using wooden blocks and hand-made drawings on construction paper to illustrate the ideas. With an acoustic guitar soundtrack, this is an interesting period piece using folk-revival style graphics and music to describe technological advances that had their initial primary applications in the Cold War military industry.

Read more at The Atlantic

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