August 6, 2013

In Focus: Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2013

The top 250 finalists have just been selected in the 3rd edition of the Red Bull Illume Image Quest photo competition. The contest invites photographers to submit images of the world of action and adventure sports in one of 10 categories, including Energy, Illumination, Sequence, and Experimental (where digital manipulation is allowed). This year the competition received more than 28,000 entries by 6,417 photographers from 124 countries. At the end of August, the top 50 finalists will be invited to attend a ceremony in Hong Kong, where the winners will be unveiled. The organizers at Red Bull were kind enough to allow me to select some of my favorites from among their current finalists and share them here with you.

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January 17, 2013

In Focus: The 2013 Dakar Rally

Racers in the 34th annual Dakar Rally are nearing the finish line in Santiago, Chile. The winners are set to arrive on Sunday, January 20, after racing more than 8,500 km (5,280 mi) in 14 stages, across unforgiving territory in Peru, Argentina, and Chile. More than 450 teams are taking part, pitting themselves against the elements, driving specialized off-road cars, trucks, motorcycles, and quadbikes. Below, I’ve gathered some of the best images I could find of this year’s race so far, and some of the challenges brought by recent heavy rainfall.

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January 15, 2013

CASCADA from NRS Films on Vimeo.


Beautiful but Terrifying: Kayaking Over a Waterfall

Trekking through the Tlapocayan jungle in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, seven men from Forge Motion Pictures brave bugs and inclement weather to capture water in its most natural, most treacherous state: the waterfall.

December 12, 2012


Drone’s Eye View: An Eerily Beautiful Skate Video Over the Streets of Prague

Directed by Jan Minol and produced by Samadhi Production, the video features a faceless skater on a nighttime journey through the splendid city. Suspended from a remote-control helicopter, the camera records the skater’s flips and tricks from above the fray. Illuminating the board from below with a blue halo, Jam Copters and crew minimize surrounding urban light to give the video a ghostly feel. 

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December 10, 2012


Fly Down California’s Craziest Hills on High-Tech Longboards

Beautifully shot videos showcase Loaded Boards’ innovations in longboard design, not to mention some stunning west coast landscapes. 

November 9, 2012


Surfing Sandy

While Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc across the northeast U.S., kitesurfers in Aruba took advantage of the storm’s waves and high winds to shoot this intense video. There are many smart reasons to avoid paddling out during a storm (especially the risk of putting rescue workers in danger), so hopefully this crew played it safer farther away from Sandy’s path. The video was created by Matthew Blew and Oliver Berlic

September 13, 2012


A Fascinating Visual History of Vintage Racecar Design

Sven Völker, a designer and artist, describes the fascinating evolution of racecar design in this short documentary based on his book, Go Faster. How did cars develop the colors, stripes, and logos that we associate with NASCAR and Formula 1? Why does that Apple-sponsored car look so awesome? Going back to the 1950s, Völker collected dozens of images to explore the haphazard way these design concepts came together through the decades. 

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