December 10, 2012

Behold, the First Video-Game About the Millennials

Brody, the hero of Ubisoft’s commendable new shooting game Far Cry 3, is unmistakably a Millennial, that subject of a thousand unsatisfying think pieces in a hundred magazines. I am a Millennial. We have: soaring self esteem that shatters on the beach break of employment; no chance in the global job market; great debt; no religion; a robust social media presence; access to a baffling array of subcultures; no idea when to get married; an unacceptably extended adolescence; the tatters of the American dream clasped like a talisman to our overprivileged breasts; a rotting Earth. Or so you’ve heard

Read more. [Image: Ubisoft]

Critics have argued Far Cry 3 is rife with sexism and Orientalism. Can video games and other forms of entertainment be characterized as “Millennial” without being progressive?

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