November 20, 2012

Semi-Visible Memories Haunt a Surreal Music Video

Deceptively simple special effects reveal a hidden universe in Paul Trillo’s video for The Peach Kings’'Lonely.' Paige McClain Wood and Steven Trezevant Dies, a Los Angeles-based duo, squeezed themselves into futuristic suits to play the invisible characters in the rooftop scene.

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October 12, 2012

In Focus: Lighting Up the Night

Around the world, people are using light to paint, perform, honor, work, and play. In villages and cities alike, lanterns and candles are used to celebrate and commemorate events. In Berlin, famous landmarks are currently being illuminated for the annual Festival of Lights. In Florida, a private spacecraft climbed into orbit atop a pillar of fire, and around the globe, dozens of buildings were bathed in pink for breast cancer awareness month. Gathered here is a handful of recent images of humans pushing back the dark and lighting up the night.

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